My name is david. Writing the blog is for me, not for you. If you find any post you enjoy or find interesting, then I’m very pleased, but I write to discover my thoughts and who I am. Writing was never my career, but has always been an interest of mine. My first post, it is I, says a lot about me. Should you care to read future posts, you are welcome to subscribe elsewhere on this page. I also maintain a web site at davidskirk.org where I have some of my other interests.

Books I have Written Most of my published writings were related to computer programming for mainframes, but not all. A list of these has been preserved at Amazon.com.

Other Interests I have this tendency to offer assistance where I believe I can be a part of something. One of my interests is maintaining the documentation for an excellent email client, Becky!, Creating tips for another email client, TheBat!, is another of my contributions, including a restore utility and a conversion tip.