Defrag Dreams

Some years ago (in the year 2000), I wrote a short poem to reflect my frustration with the trivia that filled my mind. You may enjoy it (or you may not).

    TITLE:  Defrag Dreams
by  david shelby kirk     September 23, 2000

i wish i could defrag my brain
i feel there is so much to gain
with all the chaff unfettered from
my brain would no longer feel so numb

i’d set the options with due care
all clutter gone, none would i spare
lost file fragments? why, set them free
and please, no log, while on this spree

duplicate files? please let both go
what i know twice i’ll surely throw
running tasks? let’s shut them down
no interruptions, please, from trivia ground

why do this?, you might then ask
because clearing my thoughts is such a task
whenever i think of worlds profound
i discover instead i’m clutter bound

football scores and the price of gas
just fritter my brain with no knowledge to pass
trivia fills me at every pore
and yet it’ s growing, more and more

so, please dear Lord, show me the icon
and let me defrag and set my mind on
so from the clutter i can depart
and cleanse my soul and pure my heart.