The Toad and I

Today I was mowing the yard, riding our lawn tractor. This is always an enjoyable time, as it lets me ponder many ideas while doing a mundane chore. Idly monitoring the tractor’s progress, I noticed movement in the grass. There, in front of the tractor’s wheel, stood a proud little toad, not bigger than my thumbnail. Watching his stumbling through the grass reminded me that life is a struggle and varies only by degree. Our yard was a universe to this little guy and his efforts showed a courage into the unknown for him. This was also a reminder to me that my path through life can have unexpected consequences on others. In this case I almost killed that little toad; being more aware of where I am and what I am doing should be more important to me. I will work on that. Knowing of the disaster that had been avoided, I sat and enjoyed watching the little toad hop and jump in his journey to a nearby bush.

We will never know to what extent we are influencing the lives of those around us. In this case it was a small toad’s life at risk; despite it’s size, life is always precious. I am grateful to that little toad for helping me see anew the extent to which I touch this world, even people I know and care for but whom I rarely see. Being more aware, I spied five more little toads as I continued my mowing of the yard. I am part of this world and I love the journey.